Silverette® XL + O-Feel™

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Silverette® XL

Silverette® the original are cups made of 925 silver for effective protection of the nipple during the breastfeeding period.

  • They are the ideal solution for those mothers who experience the onset of breast fissures and other similar pathologies.
  • In 2002, after a long phase of study and experimentation with mothers, neonatologists, midwives and pediatricians, Silverette the original was patented with the shape with a rounded apex to respect the conformation of the nipple (European Patent EUIPO n.4152047).
  • The enormous success that Silverette the original are having in Italy, Europe and in the rest of the world makes them extremely popular.
  • Silverette are a Class I Medical Device – Regulation 745/2017. The silver cups are in accordance with the law (5.02.1934) related to the double hallmark on silver products.

The incredible properties of silver

  • Silverette® the origina cups are made entirely of solid 925 silver.
  • 925 silver is the purest workable silver in existence, in fact with the purest silver (999 silver) it is only possible to carry out baths or laminations on artifacts whose structure is made up of other materials that can give allergies. Therefore the 100% Silver words cannot be true.
  • Since ancient times, silver has been recognized as having an antibacterial and healing effect; it is still widely used in medicine today (eg as a disinfectant, plasters, etc.).
  • For the benefit of the buyers, with the law of 5.02.1934, the double hallmark of silver objects is imposed: the first hallmark, enclosed in an oval, must indicate the silver fineness, the second hallmark, currently enclosed in a hexagon, identifies the manufacturer .
  • Silver cups without the double hallmark are not in accordance with the law.

How to use
After your breastfeeding session, leave a couple of milk drops in each cup and apply them directly to the nipple like cupping glass. Remove cups and rise accurately the nipples with water before breastfeeding. Do not use any other nipple treatment in conjunction with Silverette®: this could reduce or even compromise the efficacy of the product.


Cleaning and maintenance
Silverette® can tarnish over time due to the natural oxidisation process that occurs in silver, however it is still safe and effective to use. To remove the tarnish, make a paste using a mix of bicarbonate of soda (one teaspoon) with a few drops of water. Rub the paste over the cups, rinse and pat dry.




Two rings made of hypoallergenic medical grade silicone that combined with silverette create the perfect shape for a feeling never experienced before. O-Feel ™ is available in one size only.


Medical silicone ring for the correct positioning of the Silverette® cups and for greater comfort on the skin.


Thanks to the elasticity of the ring, it is possible to apply O-feel™ on the edge of the cups, inserting them into the appropriate groove on the ring, exerting a slight pressure.


Washable with water and neutral soap, it is possible (but not necessary) sterilization by steam, gamma rays, ethylene oxide.


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    Silverette® XL + O-Feel™
    Original price was: 87,00 €.Current price is: 77,00 €. ΦΠΑ

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